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Soothsayer by Cari Z. (5 Stars)

One soothsayer’s journey to save the love of his life.

Cillian Kelly wants to live a simple life, but it seems that he’s always finding himself in trouble. Cillian is kidnapped by a cruel thug and his team, and he is only able to escape after he seduces one of the guards, Sören. Unfortunately, Sören appears to lose his life in the process. When Cillian discovers that Sören is still alive and in trouble, he knows he must do everything in his power to rescue him. But Sören is no longer just Sören, and instead his body is being shared with an alien spirit. Working with the alien to truly save Sören was going to be a huge test of Cillian’s patience.

Learning the full backstory of Cillian was like putting together a puzzle. The edges came together quickly, but the deeper you get to the center, the more fascinating and satisfying the story became. The relationship between Cillian and Sören isn’t really shown on page, but instead is reflected in the actions of Cillian who is clearly ready to die to save Sören.

The best part of this story is Cillian’s character. Cillian’s voice was fascinating and light-hearted. Cillian’s ability to see somebody’s fate by looking in their eyes created many interesting points in the story. Although there were some dark spots, listening to Cillian tell them kept the violence to a minimum. Other key characters, including Marisol, his adopted Mom, and a reporter, Andre, kept the story flowing.

Like so many of this author’s other books, this story isn’t a strong romance, but it has rich characters and an interesting plot. What drives Cillian, in every action, is his overpowering love for Sören, which was romantic enough for me. I always enjoy the new worlds she builds, and I always look forward to her next story in either a series or a stand-alone.

Strong, deep love can conquer fate.


Originally reviewed for The Romance Reviews. Complimentary copy provided by author/publisher for an honest review.
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A Mended Man (The Men of Halfway House #4) by Jaime Reese (5 Stars)

Aidan and Jesse have not lived easy lives, especially after they both suffered significantly at the hand of kidnappers. They have become extremely close after working together for several years, but they haven’t moved past the friendship stage. Jesse is hospitalized after being attacked by his kidnapper, and Aidan realizes just how much he depends on Jesse for his own emotional stability. These two have a lot to overcome, but they both know it will be worth it in the end.

It was heartbreaking hearing what these two people went through during their lives, and I was brought to tears several times during the story. I loved the slow pacing and the length of time that it covered. It made every moment, every kiss, between these two more believable and emotional.

Quite a bit of the story revolves around the task force that Aidan serves on and the crimes that they are working on. I’m not a big fan of crime stories, but I liked the way the task members interacted with each. I could easily see several stories letting us get to know more about these guys.

The only reason I can see this book as part of the Men of Halfway House series is that some of the characters are related. Although it can be read as a stand-alone, every book in this series is amazing and well worth reading.

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Red River (Pack #2) by Cardeno C. (5 Stars)

Wesley Stone is done waiting to become Alpha for the Purple Sky pack. Although a bit gruff, Wesley cares more about the pack than anything else in his life. If necessary, he’ll force his uncle to battle for the position. The strange scar on his abdomen shouldn’t be enough of a reason for the pack to dismiss him.  Once he finally confronts his uncle, he’s dealt the final blow. He’s being sent away to become the Alpha of the Red River pack. As if that’s not bad enough, he also has to mate with the Jobe Root, the wolf that’s next in line at Red River.

Fortunately, Jobe knows that Wesley is his mate. Jobe is one of the most easy-going people Wesley’s ever met. Jobe must patiently wait until Wesley realizes that they were truly meant for each other. Together, as they connect the pack back to nature, they will make the Red River pack as strong as it’s ever been. Watching these two beautiful characters fall in love and develop a happy, fulfilling life together was very touching.


Originally reviewed for Swept Away By Romance. Complimentary copy provided by author/publisher for an honest review.
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Whistle Blower by Dev Bentham (5 Stars)

Two lonely men discover friendship and love even though they fight it all the way.

Ben lost his husband, the love of his life, after 25 wonderful years together. For the past two years, he’s been living his lonely life running an outdoor adventure resort with his sister-in-law, Miriam.

Jacob is finally a junior partner at his law firm. He worked so hard to get to this point, but it was to the detriment of all of his relationships. He’s never been in love, but he’s finally starting to think it was a mistake not to share his life with somebody else. When he discovers that one of the other partners might be engaging in shady activities, he decides to investigate. He ends up at Ben’s resort, and the instant attraction between the two of them is the beginning of a lovely relationship.

Ben brings a lot of history and memories of his husband into the new relationship with Jacob. Ben had been with his husband for 25 years, all of Ben’s reflections are positive without any regrets, and Jacob is never seen as a replacement. For these reasons, it never bothered me that Ben spent a lot of time thinking of the past. I really enjoyed watching the two of them enjoy being with each other over the months that the story takes place. They made a beautiful couple, and it came through in their thoughts and actions.

The investigation of the potentially corrupt partner gave Ben and Jacob reasons to see each other. Since both of them were fighting the idea of spending their lives together for understandable reasons, it was great for them to have an excuse for bonding time.

I really enjoyed this beautiful romance between two mature men who had to learn how to move forward with their lives.


Originally reviewed for The Romance Reviews. Complimentary copy provided by author/publisher for an honest review.
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