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Not Safe for Work by L.A. Witt (5 Stars)

As a huge fan of kissing, this story was made for me! Two middle-aged men, who knew what they wanted in life, fall in love, and it couldn’t have been more perfect.

Jon McNeil builds models to scale for an architectural firm, but it’s a job that is quickly getting replaced by technology. Rick Pierce is a wealthy property developer who is trying to improve the city. Although they’ve been working with each other, they don’t really get a chance to talk to each other. Jon’s bosses don’t allow him to talk to their biggest client. That all changes when they discover they’re both on the same website searching for the right partner.

I enjoyed learning about Jon’s job. There was just enough detail to keep it interesting and add to the story without overwhelming it. There was a nice edge to the relationship since they had to keep it under wraps. Jon was afraid he would lose his job or cause problems for Rick. It was realistic and gave the story a bit of drama.

Jon oozed sex appeal in and out of the bedroom. Their scenes together were both hot and romantic. The feelings they had for each other seemed sincere. They were always thinking of each other and struggled to stay focused on their jobs. Even though it wasn’t their first love affair, they both knew they finally found the “one”. There’s plenty of kink to go with it, including bondage, pinwheel use, and hot wax, but the multiple romantic kissing scenes were the highlight.

The epilogue was perfect and had me in tears. Jon’s ex-wife and college students play a role in the story and give a back-drop for some of his actions. It was all positive, which was nice. Outside of the evil owners of Jon’s firm, which were a bit over the top, the story was pretty realistic.

It doesn’t matter how old you are, when you find the right person, you do everything you can to keep them.


Originally reviewed for The Romance Reviews. Complimentary copy provided by author/publisher for an honest review.
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Only Love (Only Love #1) by Garrett Leigh (4 Stars)

War and violence didn’t destroy them, but it caused a lot of damage to their lives. Can these two people open their hearts to love and finally find peace and happiness?

Max suffers from serious seizures caused by an incident in his past. He’s now living down the street from his sister in a private cottage. His adorable dog helps him get by, and he’s a generally happy, albeit lonely, person. Jed Cooper is home from the war recovering from a serious injury. He is also trying to determine how to live with the permanent illness he acquired during the war. He’s extremely quiet and really doesn’t talk very much. He needs a place to live, but staying with his brother, who happens to be married to Max’s sister, isn’t working out. However, since him and Max seem to get along pretty well, they decide to become roommates.

This was not an easy story to read. Both of these guys suffered through some serious trauma. Through flashbacks, we got a pretty good idea of the details and they weren’t pleasant. It felt very realistic and had my heart breaking thinking about the people risking their lives for their countries every day. At the same time, neither of the guys expressed self-pity. They accepted their lives for what they were and made the most of it. There was plenty of family and friend drama, but it was also enjoyable to see the support that they provided to each other. I also liked watching Jed spend time with his nieces since he was such a great uncle.

There were two things I struggled with related to the story. Since Jed hardly talked, it was really hard to buy into his relationship with Max. There were barely any deep conversations between the two of them. This lead to the second issue of feeling like I was reading two separate stories where the characters sometimes spoke with each other.

This was a very touching story about a veteran trying to return to civilian life and enjoy the love of a good man.

Link to free missing scene: Awake and Alive (Only Love #1.5)


Originally reviewed for Swept Away By Romance. Complimentary copy provided by author/publisher for an honest review.
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Black John (Johnnies #4) by Amy Lane (4.5 Stars)

Taking a walk down memory lane, and finally seeing the truth, will allow John to free himself in life and love.

John Carey has just emerged from drug rehab and discovered his first love, Tory, has died. Tory requested that John toss his cremated remains in the water. This begins the dark journey of John’s reflection on his life. He meets Tory’s neighbor, Galen Henderson, who is not recovering very well from a motorcycle accident and is slowly becoming addicted to pain killers. Together these two discover a way forward out of addiction and into a life with each other.

The story spent a lot of time reflecting upon the depressing life John and Tory led together. John finally left Tory after Tory’s third trip to rehab. John believed that Tory would never recover if John continued to enable him. Unfortunately, John never left the memory of Tory behind and let those memories cloud his life for the next decade. His flashbacks included sex between two minors and plenty of sex between multiple characters including John and Tory. It wasn’t romantic or steamy sex since the emotional connection wasn’t really there.

Galen was an intelligent corporate lawyer who lost almost everything after his accident. Tory became his only real friend, and after Tory passed away, Galen started to get worse instead of better. John and Galen end up forming their own connection as they spend time together. Unfortunately, I wasn’t really convinced that they were going to work out in the long run. After Galen finally admits himself into rehab, the story focuses its time on the crew from Johnnies and how their lives have progressed. It was a nice walk down memory lane if you had read the first 3 stories. I just wish John and Galen could have spent more time developing their relationship.

Even though I didn’t fully buy into the romance, and the story was sad throughout, I still couldn’t put it down. Ms. Lane is a brilliant writer, and she had me completely wrapped up in John’s life.


Originally reviewed for Swept Away By Romance. Complimentary copy provided by author/publisher for an honest review.
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McFarland’s Farm (Hope #1) by Cardeno C. (5 Stars)

A touching love story with the amazing character depth that Cardeno C. always brings to the table. Jared is such a beautiful person. He works hard on his farm to bring healthy food to the community where he lives. He cares about the people, and as we quickly learn, they love and care about him. Learning about his life, and how the neighbors stepped up to take care of him when he was young, brought tears to my eyes.

Watching him deal with the bratty Lucas was a treat. Although Lucas matured during the story, it was funny to watch some of his antics when he refused to admit he was lusting after Jared. I was glad we were in Lucas’ head when he was being rude so we knew why he was doing it. It just made it that much sweeter and sexier when these two finally connect.

Originally reviewed for Swept Away By Romance. Complimentary copy provided by author/publisher for an honest review.
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