Shepherd, Slave and Vow by Lyn Gala (4 Stars)

Erotic tale, with touches of BDSM, about love being worth more than all the riches in the world. Told from Ferro’s POV, a strong and rebellious son of royalty with a miserable life. He has just found himself being sold as a slave along with Lisias. Although Lisias seemed to lead a simple life, we didn’t learn much about him. Last quarter slammed home the romance!



Bored with the privileges and duties of a member of the first family, Ferro finds himself in the slave tents as a consequence of his antics, knowing he’ll be rescued before long. At least, that’s the way it’s always worked before. This time, though, Ferro finds himself sold as a sheep-tender along with an intriguingly mysterious slave called Lysias. For the first time, Ferro’s met someone who seems immune to his wiles, and he’ll soon learn that Lysias has more to teach him than just shepherding.

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