Time to Do (Perfect Timing #3) by Kim Dare (5 Stars)

Best friends to lovers theme, this erotic romance focused on Rigby’s realization that maybe he wasn’t straight after all. Hearing the thoughts of both Rigby and Brennan, and seeing them work through this major change in their relationship, made for a very touching read.

My second time with this amazing story! Although part of a series, stories are not related and order is not important. However, I’ve read all of them and highly recommend each one.



The words ‘have sex with a man’ can change everything, especially when they’re written on a straight man’s to do list.Rigby and Brennan have been best friends forever. Growing up and going away to university didn’t alter that. Brennan coming out of the closet to his straight best friend didn’t change anything either.But when Brennan finds an old to do list mixed in with his friend’s possessions, and sees ‘have sex with a man’ written right there at the top, it alters everything. When Brennan realises the man he’s in love with isn’t as straight as he’d always thought he was, their friendship changes beyond all recognition.When the friends decide it’s time to start ticking off all the items on Rigby’s gay to do list, they soon realise nothing will ever be the same — for either of them.

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