All the Gear, No Idea (I Blame Bret #2) by Kim Dare (3.5 Stars)

McCormack thinks he’s teaching Theo how to be a good sub for a friend, but things get complicated when he starts to fall for Theo. McCormack was very hardcore, and I wasn’t quite sure how he and Theo would work out in the long run. Although told from both POV’s, I really didn’t feel like I got to know Theo well enough. The overall story had a slightly negative vibe to it which was unusual for a Kim Dare story and also detracted from it.


Can Brett really succeed in matching kinky up strangers perfectly, two Valentines Days in a row? He’s going to have a damn good try.

Twelve months ago, Brett had a great time setting up his master’s friend Jack with his own friend, Ricky. When he sees a new novice sub walk into the club—one who obviously has all the gear and no idea—Brett is instantly convinced that he would be the perfect guy to compliment McCormack’s hard core attitude.

McCormack’s not impressed. Theo is damn near terrified. Can clueless and hardcore live happily ever after? It’s time to find out.

Please note: This book may make more sense if you’ve read Call Me Sir, Boy!

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