Vanilla Licks (Sun, Sea and Submission #4) by Kim Dare (4.5 Stars)

Sweet and sexy story focused on whether or not a few great scenes together can lead to a permanent relationship.  Darrell is adorable with his quick wit. I liked the way he stood up for what he wanted and didn’t let Fulton do anything too foolish. Fulton was very strict, but Darrell was making him into a bit of a softie. The scenes on the beach, in the hotel, and in the ice cream shop were pretty hot. Getting both of their perspectives gave the story more depth.


Situated just along the beach from Pendragon Bay Hotel, Vanilla Licks is the most popular ice cream shop for miles. Its success is at least partly down to Darrell — the cute guy who works behind the counter and flirts shamelessly with all the customers.

Fulton’s an experienced Dom visiting the hotel to give a series of masterclasses on a whole host of kinky topics. Fulton doesn’t flirt. On the rare occasions that he speaks at all, it’s to give orders — which he expects to be obeyed. When Darrell catches his eye at the ice cream shop, vanilla is the last flavor on either of their minds.

Darrell is very good at joking about not being vanilla, but can he deal with a Dominant who takes his BDSM seriously?

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