Worth Waiting For (FIT Guys#1) by Kim Dare (5 Stars)

I absolutely adored this story along with Colby and Noah. It was so sweet how Colby knew that Noah was the man for him. Noah refused to have anything to do with the young Colby until he was an adult. As soon as Colby was old enough, he was all over Noah. It was so sweet that Colby insisted on taking Noah out on dates. Although Noah said he refused to have any kind of real relationship, Colby was persistent. I liked the way the author skipped over several months at a time to show how they continued to spend time together. Noah didn’t have an easy life, and it wouldn’t have been believable that Noah would instantly become a different person.

The sex scenes are perfect, and Noah’s lap dance and striptease for Colby was smoking hot. It was great when Noah finally started getting possessive over Colby. Noah was extremely strong-willed and in charge unless emotions came into play. At that point, Noah would almost step back and became the less experienced of the two. This made for an interesting dynamic in the relationship. I really enjoyed this and can’t wait for the next book in the series!


When Colby earned a swimming scholarship to the Falcon Institute of Training, he expected to spend all his time either training or studying, but that was before he looked out of his living room window and straight into the dance studio opposite.

It’s taken Noah years, but he’s finally got his life in order. He teaches dance classes all day, hits the clubs every night and he’s not looking for complications—especially not in the form of overly-innocent swimmers who like to spy on him from across the street.

The first time Colby approaches him, Noah has no trouble turning him away. It’s only when Colby returns years later, to collect on a casually delivered promise, that Noah finds himself incapable of keeping Colby locked out of his carefully re-constructed life.

Their kinks may match up perfectly, but their lives and their pasts couldn’t be more different. Years have passed, but will what they have together turn out to be worth waiting for?

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