Virgin Territory by Kim Dare (5 Stars)

Top or Bottom? Dom or Sub? What’s a virgin to do? Danny may not know the answer yet about which one he prefers, but he has a lot of opinions about what he expects out of life.  Fortunately, Aaron is more than willing to help him make up his mind with actual experiences. The story takes place over several very sexy scenes. There’s quite a bit of dialogue as Danny and Aaron both work out what they expect and want from each other. Extremely enjoyable!


Danny may be a virgin, but that’s not all he is…

When a fellow dom points Aaron in the direction of the new guy visiting in their local leather bar, there are a lot of things that draw him to Danny. One of those things is the rumor that Danny is a virgin in terms of leather, guy-on-guy action, and even in so far as his experience with girls. Add to that the fact that Danny is hot as hell and knows how to throw down a challenge, and Aaron is helpless to resist.

Danny knew as soon as he laid eyes on Aaron that he wanted him. He’s not going to let a little thing like complete inexperience get in his way. He survived his best friend drunkenly admitting their virginity to the entire club on their first night there, but that doesn’t mean he likes the way people have treated him, or the assumptions they’ve made about him since that night.

Can a virgin handle coming face to face with a serious and experienced dom? Maybe the real question is, can the dom handle the virgin?

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