Turning the Tables (Sex Sells #4) by Kim Dare (4.5 Stars)

It was really enjoyable getting inside Jacob’s head to understand why he was so afraid to submit. Watching Lee try to help Jacob accept his submissive side was sweet, especially since Lee would have loved him no matter what. Heavy spankings and a light flogging take place in this very steamy story.  I just wished we would have learned more about Lee and Jacob on a personal level, like through a conversation during their dates.


If there’s one thing Lee can’t stand, it’s a submissive pretending to be a dominant. When the man in question is the most stunning submissive he’s ever set eyes on, it’s obvious that something has to be done.

Turning the tables on a man who’s spent years pretending to be someone he’s not isn’t easy. Teaching a man, who spends every day struggling to hold his own against the dominants that surround him, that submission isn’t a weakness, is even harder.

Can Jacob Neilson learn to submit? Would the other owners of SKIN Designs accept it if he did? And, most importantly of all, can Lee hold everything together when it all threatens to fall apart?

Can the man who’s given the other partners hell over playing where they work really risk the future of SKIN Designs over a temp?

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