The Family We’re Born With (Finding Family #1) by Kaje Harper (4.5 Stars)

Sweet holiday romance, with an established couple, dealing with family issues. It was painful to watch them interact with Jesse’s family, but it was also very realistic. In addition to getting their POV, we get Sam’s and Rick’s. Sam is the half-brother given up for adoption, and Rick is Sam’s brother who ran away from home. Unfortunately, they are also dealing with some serious family issues. The little glimpse into Rick’s life is the set-up for a future story which I’m looking forward to reading.



Link to the free story on Smashwords.


Jesse Calhoun met Devin Palmer five years ago, in front of a Christmas tree at a friend’s party. It was Jesse’s first holiday alone, away from home. Devin didn’t have much of a home to go back to. They found a way to make the season brighter, together.

Four years ago, Jesse brought Devin to his parents’ house and came out to them. It wasn’t all roses, but his family came around, and Devin has spent each holiday with the Calhouns since then. Jesse really loves sharing Christmas with his family, and sharing his family with Devin.

So he isn’t prepared to hear his mom say, “I don’t want Devin to come to the house for Christmas Eve this year.” Suddenly it’s not smooth sailing, keeping peace with the family he was born with.

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