Moving in Rhythm by Dev Bentham (5 Stars)

I found the story fascinating and the character development completely absorbing. I can’t imagine how hard it would be living with such debilitating shyness, although the author did an excellent job putting me in Mark’s head. Mark stepped up to the plate when needed by his family no matter how hard it was for him. It was nice to see him finally take a small step forward for himself when he reached out to Seth. Seth was so understanding and went out of his way to try to make Mark more comfortable. These two made a wonderful couple, and I would love to see more of them. Fortunately, the author just posted a lovely snippet about them for Valentine’s Day here.


Mark Apostolos should be able to have any man he wants. Handsome and smart, he’s also cripplingly shy, especially around attractive men. Tired of waking up alone, he’s desperate to conquer his insecurities and have a real, meaningful relationship.

He gets his first opportunity when he tags along to his sister-in-law’s dance class and lays eyes on the sexy instructor. Seth Miller has a way of moving that takes his breath away. It isn’t long before sparks fly and they share a steamy kiss, but Seth wants much more than just a casual encounter.

If Mark wants a real relationship with Seth he’ll have to come to terms with his sexuality—but will it be enough to break through the walls he’s built up around his heart?

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