Cat Scratch Fever by Jane Davitt (3.5 Stars)

Cute little romance with a human, a slightly magical elf, and a cat who is turned into a human. It includes some light humor, hot sex, and working through some relationship issues. It bothered me that Simon got so upset when Garin used his magic, until I found out why. After that point, it became a little sweeter. It would have worked even better if there hadn’t been so much happening or if the story had been longer. There were underlying problems with the relationship that I felt needed to be resolved.

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Garin’s having a pretty bad day. He doesn’t use his magic very often, because his human lover Simon doesn’t like it, but sometimes it just builds up inside him. Like today. Which is why, when he’s faced with a health inspector and a wayward cat, he ends up with a magical debacle. Suddenly, he has to deal with Tom, who used to be a cat, a very angry Simon, and the problem of trying to get Tom back where he belongs. Can Garin fix the problem with Tom, and with Simon’s distrust in his magic, in time to set everything back to rights?

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