Indulging Ivan by Kim Dare (4 Stars)

I enjoyed watching Langdon try to stay away from Ivan, his best friend’s younger brother, while Ivan did his best to win Langdon over. I loved the art of manipulation being played out and the lessons learned when the manipulator is caught.


Langdon knows that there are certain men that are, and always will be, off limits to him. At the top of that list is Ivan, his best friend’s younger brother. Still, when Ivan edges toward coming out of the closet, Langdon quickly finds himself getting roped into indulging the younger man’s curiosity.

Cute and smart in equal measure, Ivan’s used to getting his own way. When he sets his sights on Langdon, he’s not above being sneaky when it comes to getting his attention or overcoming any resistance the other man might have to the idea of doing whatever he wants.

Ivan’s been indulged by almost everyone in his life for as long as he can remember. Will Langdon be just another name on that list of people who rush to do his bidding? More to the point, is that what Ivan really wants, or would he much prefer to be the one subject to another man’s whims?

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