Falling by D.W. Marchwell (3 Stars)

Light romance with some very sweet emotional moments.

There were several parts of the book I really enjoyed, and several that just didn’t work for me. I thought the excessive descriptions of every single thing that was happening got to be too much at the beginning. Fortunately, that problem disappeared, and the writing started to flow more naturally.

I enjoyed watching Scott and Hank get to know each other better, and I really connected with the characters at this point. Hank was a lonely, unhappy person who was spiraling downward in his actions. Scott wasn’t thrilled with how everything was working in his own life, but he was working toward a solution that became solidified when he met Hank. Unfortunately, once they finally decided to move forward with the relationship, the story dissolved into an almost non-stop sex scene. The ending felt a little abrupt, and I wish a few sex scenes would have been swapped out to add detail to the ending.

I did like learning a little bit about logging, and I thought Scott’s brother, Brian, added nicely to the story as Hank’s boss. In the end, I enjoyed the romance between the two and liked seeing them get their happy ending.


Originally reviewed for Swept Away By Romance. Complimentary copy provided by Dreamspinner Press in exchange for an honest review.


When Scott Alan gets a phone call that his brother was hurt on a logging job, he rushes to Brian’s side, only to find that his injuries are minor—but not before he meets Hank Ballam, an adrenaline-seeking logger who’s an outcast among his co-workers.

Hank is a study in contrast: he lives for the rush of climbing and cutting trees almost as much as he loves the peace he finds exploring the mountains he calls home. Scott’s attraction to Hank is immediate and mind-blowing, and it’s what Scott has always wanted: to know what it’s like to love someone he can’t live without.

Scott needs to know if Hank’s true feelings will be a roar of passion or simply a quiet friendship, one that doesn’t match Scott’s devotion. But it may be too late… Scott simply can’t help himself from falling hard for Hank.

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