Midnight Shadows (Midnight #3.5) by Lisa Marie Rice (3.5 Stars)

Enjoyable epilogue to the original story. It contained very little dialogue, and instead was a narrative by each of the characters about their profound love for each other and how they were dealing with the recovery of her eyesight. Although I enjoyed this visit with one of my favorite series, it should have just been a part of the original story.



She sees shadows that aren’t there.

Gifted harpist Allegra Kowalski has had risky surgery to restore her sight. It has been a long hard road back. Her husband, former SEAL Douglas Kowalski, has been with her every step of the way, loving and protective, but is no longer the sex god in bed he used to be. He treats her like a fragile piece of glass. He loves her deeply but won’t touch her. He can’t see that she is ready to be a wife again and not a patient. On vacation in a luxury resort on a gorgeous Greek isle, Allegra vows to seduce her husband, to bring their marriage back to what it was before.

She wants her music and her husband back and on that magical island in the Mediterranean, she gets her wish.

And when danger strikes, Allegra learns just how much her husband loves her and how strong she can be when the shadows that haunted her are banished forever.

2 thoughts on “Midnight Shadows (Midnight #3.5) by Lisa Marie Rice (3.5 Stars)

  1. Nicely said Kris, I agree that it should have been part of the original storyline. But I loved getting this tidbit on one of my fave couples!! 🙂

    • I’m with you. I’ve read many of her stories multiple times, and it’s always nice to revisit the characters. This series was definitely one of my favorites by any author. It was just a bit too pricey.

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