Love at First Sight (Home #4) by Cardeno C. (4 Stars)

Can you really recognize your true love at first sight?

Johnathan Doyle is a very lonely young man. Although he is loved by his family, he doesn’t really have any true friends. He got his only real friend pregnant after one mistaken night with her and kept his son after she left town. A chance encounter has him hooked on a blue-eyed man, David, that he saw but never met. However, he’s convinced they are meant to be together and spends several years looking for David. After finally finding David, they begin a whirlwind romance. If David can handle Johnathan’s secrets, they might just get their happy ending.

Johnathan seemed a little odd, but he was a very nice person down to the bottom of his soul. It was hard to understand why he would feel so alone in the world. David is charming, wealthy and shocked that he has fallen so hard for Johnathan. Although David has a lot of friends, he’s never been in a relationship that really meant anything to him.

It was nice seeing the characters from the other stories in this series hang out together, especially when they discussed David’s love life. This was a very low angst story with lots of steamy sex, romantic dates, and some nice dialog. These two really care for each other and don’t play games. I’m not a fan of children in erotic romance stories, but Johnathan’s son, Sam, was so adorable, and he actually brought some great moments to the story.

I was tearing up at the end with happy feelings. There were a few minor issues with the story. The sex was a bit excessive, especially toward the end, and it felt like it was just one scene after another. It was also a bit bothersome that David constantly referred to Johnathan as smaller and younger, treating him almost like a child.

Overall, I really enjoyed this beautiful romance between two sexy and kind people who both proved that love can happen at first sight.


Originally reviewed for The Romance Reviews. Complimentary copy provided by author/publisher for an honest review.


Do you believe in love at first sight? Jonathan does: the moment he glimpsed the striking David from afar, he was hooked, but David disappeared before they could meet.

More than three years later, Jonathan gets a second chance-he and David finally meet face to face, and the two fall into a passionate love affair. David turns Jonathan’s previously lonely life into a fairy tale, giving him more than he ever imagined. But the past few years have been hard for Jonathan, and he’s terrified that his young son and scandalous past will be too much for David. If they’re going to build a future together, they’re both going to have to dig deep: David for the courage to share himself in a way he’s never considered… and Jonathan for the strength to tell the truth.

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