Simple by SJD Peterson (4 Stars)

Brycen and John are insecure in their ability to have a relationship due to their past boyfriends. It’s unfortunate because both of them are very kind and compassionate people. What starts out as an incredible physical connection, quickly turns into an easy-going romance. Unfortunately, they can’t help but bring their prior issues into their current affair. They spent a lot of time having sex, interpreting words and actions incorrectly, and avoiding discussions.



The moment when the world tilts on its axis, completely changing everything. The instant when suddenly everything just falls into place. The second when a heart shatters into a million tiny pieces, only to settle back into place, complete for the first time. When an all-encompassing light surrounds a soul, touching it so deeply a permanent imprint is left behind. The first time true love is felt.

For Brycen Anderson, it didn’t happen as it does on TV or on the Hollywood screen. There was no fancy movie set, no cleverly written storylines or a multi-million dollar budget. No director taking control. No rehearsals, costumes or media fanfare. It was…

A passing glance…
A casual touch…

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