Cards on the Table by Josh Lanyon (5 Stars)

Highlights of this story included the addictive writing style, being inside Tim’s head, and Jack’s character. I always find it intriguing when an author can say so much with a single sentence. There were just enough bits of information to make sure I understood the character better. Although the romantic interactions were light, the way Jack continued to go out of his way to help Tim spoke volumes. The murder mystery, which took place decades earlier, was interesting and had plenty of fun suspects. The revelation of the murderer and the motive made sense.


Fifty years ago a glamorous Hollywood party ended in murder — the only clue a bloody Tarot card. Timothy North is trying to find out what happened that long ago summer’s night, but when a Tarot card turns up pinned to his front door, the only person Tim can turn to for help is his ex-lover, Detective Jack Brady.

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