Closing the Loop by Jane Davitt (4 Stars)

A romance develops between Lee and Cole on a cruise ship under interesting circumstances. Once the cruise is over, they need to decide if the relationship can survive.

I enjoyed this story and really liked both of the characters. The mystery of Cole’s friend on the cruise was just a minor part of the plot, but served as a backdrop for some of Cole’s behavior. Since Lee just went through a break-up, he’s sensitive and tends to take Cole’s actions personally. Their dialogue and interactions were presented in a realistic light. It wasn’t all sweet talk and roses. There was also some very minor kink in the steamy hot sex scenes.  I liked how the author continued the story after they left the cruise and entered the real world. You usually see somebody at their best on a vacation, and it was nice to see their relationship strengthen in a more realistic setting.

It felt like the author had a longer story to tell, but wanted to keep it short. Many of the chapters ended in the middle of a scene. We were always updated on the results through the next chapter, and I never felt lost. It was just an interesting writing style that took a bit of time to get used to reading. I liked it since it kept the story focused and kept it from feeling repetitive.



A week on a tropical gay cruise is just what Lee needs after a bad breakup and a Canadian winter. It’s a shame his ex is on board, but Lee is sharing a cabin with Cole, a hot lawyer who—as luck would have it—is actually from Lee’s city. So when Cole unexpectedly awakens Lee’s kinky side, Lee begins to dream that they can actually take their shipboard romance home with them.

But Cole is keeping secrets involving a troubled young man on board the ship. And Lee, after his recent brush with betrayal, finds it difficult to trust Cole when he says Justin isn’t a rival.

Then he learns the truth and is also drawn into the tragic story. His dream vacation is in danger of turning dark, but he’s determined to navigate Cole and himself to a safe harbor before their blisteringly hot romance is lost at sea.

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