Stretching the Rules by B.A. Tortuga (4 Stars)

Pack politics has kept them apart so far, but when their lives are in danger, love will come out ahead.

Jonah loves belonging to the pack. It’s a huge part of who he is. He is the beta for his pack and his pack counts on him. Falling in love with a cougar and coyote means he can’t live with them, but it doesn’t mean he can’t love them. Olivia and Hank were together, but with Jonah in the mix, they finally feel like they are a complete package. Olivia is a stripper who knows how to drive the guys crazy, but she’s also very strong and likes to be in control. Hank is the perfect sub who likes to make sure everybody is taken care of. I was glad we got perspectives from each of them.

As the three of them build their lives together outside of the pack, Jonah must continue to keep it a secret. However, one horrible night changes everything when a roving pack of hybrids tries to kill Olivia and Hank. Jonah has no choice but to request help from the pack.

Although this was a short story, it certainly wasn’t lacking in the steam department. These three people love each other with all of their hearts and certainly enjoy playing in the bedroom. The majority of the beginning of the story was a series of non-stop sex scenes, which was enjoyable, but fortunately, the story itself picks up toward the second half. A steamy paranormal story of love and devotion with a bit of action.

Originally reviewed for The Romance Reviews. Complimentary copy provided by author/publisher for an honest review.


When the rules force you to deny whom you love, it’s time to break them.

Jonah is sick and tired of hiding his lovers, Olivia and Hank, from his wolf pack. But being second in command to the Alpha means he has to follow them, right? His pack would reject him if they knew his lovers were a jaguar and a coyote…a man and a woman.

When danger threatens Liv and Hank, Jonah comes out to his Alpha. He’s willing to do whatever it takes to bring his two families together, and keep everyone safe.

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