Eight Days by Cardeno C. (5 Stars)

Light-hearted enjoyable romance between two best friends. I adored Josh, especially since he recognized that he was often clueless about even the most important things in life. Maccabe and Josh both had some issues to work through on the communication side. I enjoyed the dialogue and watching these two deal with life and family. I also liked how the story took place over more than a decade, but each chapter focused on a day during Hanukkah.


Maccabe Fried and Josh Segal have nothing in common, but they’ve been friends forever. Maccabe is an athlete with dreams of playing professional baseball. Josh is a good student with dreams of being with Maccabe. Then both dreams come true. Maccabe and Josh fall into a passionate long-distance romance, and after years of hiding from the world, Josh wants to bring their relationship into the open. When Maccabe refuses, Josh is faced with a tough decision: stay with the man he loves or live the life he deserves. Somebody’s bound to get hurt, but in the season of miracles, there’s always hope for a happy ending.

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