My Subby Valentine by Amber Kell (3 Stars)

I enjoyed this story at first.  It was a cute little romance with a sub who knew he wanted to belong to specific Dom even though they hadn’t actually met. However, when Mason’s past comes back to haunt him, the plot went over the top. Although serving as a way to bring Kit and Mason together faster, the story was too short for a kidnapping, violence against a dog, and a gunshot wound.  It caused the romance to fall to the wayside, and didn’t leave me convinced that these two even knew each other by the end.


When Kit loses a contest and approaches a dangerous Dom for submission, he learns that the man he lusted after from afar is a lot more complicated than everyone thinks.

Mason Briggs doesn’t quite know what to do with the persistent submissive. Kit looks at Mase like he’s everything good and right in the world. After a murder accusation and trial, Mase just wants to protect his heart. What is he going to do about the sweet submissive who keeps walking through all of Mase’s boundaries as if they aren’t even there?

When someone tries to tear the couple apart and threatens Kit’s safety, Mase has to decide if he wants to go back to a life alone or fight for the man he’s falling in love with.

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