Always MJ by SJD Peterson (4.5 Stars)

Encouraged by Jared, his best friend, Matty steps out of his comfort zone to meet, in person, the guy he had chatted online with for the past 6 months. An interesting look into their relationship follows while they decide if they can make it work.



Matthew Jonathon Parker planned every aspect of his day. From the time he woke up until the exact minute he crawled back into bed, his day was set. He wasn’t the kind of man to seek out other men in chat rooms. He certainly wasn’t the type to fall in love with someone he only knew from typed words. After a six-month online affair, Matty agrees to meet Jay in Florida for a weekend getaway. Only Jay isn’t what Matty expected; although, perhaps he should have known it was too good to be true. After all, Jay’s screen name AlwaysMJ stands for ‘Always making jokes’–or does it?

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