Rush Around the Clock by Silvia Violet (3 Stars)

Sometimes we just don’t realize how lonely we are until the right person comes along and changes everything.

Finn McMurphy teaches school, takes care of his dogs, and makes sure every remaining moment is filled to the point of exhaustion. Crawford Bixby just moved in and can’t help but find Finn adorable. Now Crawford just has to convince Finn that there is more to life than running from one event to the next.

Finn was such a nice guy. Still living in his family home, he’s trying to pay off the debts incurred while taking care of his ill mother. Unfortunately, he was too nice for his own good, and he let too many people push him around. This included Crawford to a certain degree. Crawford was bossy and controlling, but it appeared Finn needed this. Finn never would have dated Crawford if Crawford didn’t force the issue.

The story focused on the two of them trying to connect while dealing with Finn’s school events. My biggest struggle with the story was that it focused on the middle school issues, which weren’t that exciting, instead of developing the relationship more.

Sweet romance about making time for the more important things in life.


Originally reviewed for The Romance Reviews. Complimentary copy provided by author/publisher for an honest review.


Finn McMurphy convinces himself his spoiled dogs are all the company he needs. Then he meets Crawford, his sexy new neighbour, and everything changes.

Patient soul Finn McMurphy teaches music and drama to middle schoolers. By the time he’s finished with after-school rehearsals and the private lessons he teaches to make ends meet, he’s too exhausted to think about dating or even hanging out with friends. He’s resigned to life with his music, his students, and his ludicrously spoiled Yorkies.

Then he meets Crawford Bixby. Crawford may be the most perfect man Finn has ever met—kind, good with kids, gorgeous, and completely unconcerned with Finn’s lack of ability to be coherent around him. Finn falls hard for him, but he’s terrified of what he feels. Will he be able to step out of the controlled world he’s created for himself and take a chance on love, or will he keep making excuses—rehearsals, papers to grade, dogs to walk—and push Crawford away?

Reader Advisory: This story has been previously released as part of the 50s Mixed Tape anthology by Totally Bound Publishing.

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