A Wild Ride (The Bullriders #1) by Andrew Grey (4 Stars)

Losing control while riding the bull can be deadly, but losing control in a relationship can lead to a wonderful prize.

Dante Rivers is one of the top bull riders in the rodeo circuit. He hooks up with Ryan Abbott for a single night of steamy passion with a touch of submission. Ryan is an investment advisor who is ironically called by Dante’s grandfather to help with some estate issues. Dante and Ryan begin a relationship but it was not without its challenges.

I really liked Dante and Ryan. They were strong and well-developed characters. Both of them were extremely caring people, which was shown repeatedly with their actions. For instance, their compassionate treatment of Dante’s grandfather was very endearing. They had some issues with accepting help from each other, but it just gave the relationship a more realistic edge.

The time spent at the rodeo and at the clothing store signing autographs were really interesting. It gave the reader a pretty good idea of what’s involved with the sport. The bull riding, including the mechanical version, was described almost too realistically, making it feel as if you were flying in the air at times.

Dante’s grandfather also played a major role in the story, and he was a sweet guy. Dante and Ryan had some amazing sex, but there wasn’t really any heavy D/s in this story. There was an excellent epilogue which took place one year later.

Overall, this story was a very sweet and sexy romance without a lot of angst.

Originally reviewed for The Romance Reviews. Complimentary copy provided by author/publisher for an honest review.


Dante Rivers just lost the rodeo by two one hundredths of a point: he’s frustrated as hell, needs to get laid, and he knows just where to go. That night he meets Ryan Abbott and catches his eye—Ryan watched the rodeo and is still riding high on the rush. The chemistry between them ignites, but Dante, unable to deal with complications, leaves while Ryan’s asleep.

Ryan figures he’ll never see Dante again, but they’re fatefully reunited when Dante’s grandfather, Hy, hires Ryan to help straighten out some old investments. The attraction between Ryan and Dante still sizzles. Sex slowly turns to more, but obstacles abound: Hy’s failing health, Dante’s homophobic sponsor, an attack on Ryan, and Dante’s own struggle with his identity. Any one thing would be enough to separate them permanently… unless they both decide to hang on for the wild ride.

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