Indigo Footsteps, Spatters of Red by J. Fally (4.5 Stars)

This action-packed thriller takes place after zampies, a combination of vampires and zombies, start to infect the world. Josh and Carter are slayers, highly trained by the military, who spend their time trying to destroy the zampies. They are deeply in love with each other, and wouldn’t think twice about saving one another’s lives. I enjoyed watching them spend time at their home in sweet bliss before going off on assignment. The action kicked into high gear and had me on the edge of my seat as they tried to kill a large group of zampies hiding at the Alamo.



At first glance, Carter Cross and Josh Lessard seem like an ordinary couple. They make love and fight, know each other’s strengths and weaknesses, deal with the “in-laws,” and share their life and home. They even work together. One day, they’ll probably die together – possibly a lot sooner than they’d prefer, given their profession as members of a paramilitary special unit formed to thwart a gory apocalypse. While Carter and Josh are used to cheating death on a daily basis, this time the odds are stacked against them. Between a deadly mission to complete and Josh’s grandma coming for a visit, it’ll take a miracle to get them out as horror invades not only a major city but also their home.

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