Seeking Something (Sun, Sea, and Submission #6) by Kim Dare (5 Stars)

Billy thinks he might be gay and a submissive. Gareth saves Billy from making a really bad mistake in his quest to find out. This leads to a fun weekend and the beginning of something more serious.

I really enjoyed both of the characters. Gareth knew how to push Billy a bit without causing any duress, but at the same time giving Billy a safe chance to discover what he did or didn’t like. Gareth was very protective of Billy which made the scenes that much sexier. I enjoyed their conversations, and I also enjoyed how perfectly the author captured their emotions. The descriptions she used to describe their feelings and sensations made me feel like I was there. The story was the perfect mix of dialogue, internal thoughts, and sex to find a permanent place on my “read again” shelf.



Billy Lewis thinks he might be gay. He’s also thinks he might be a submissive. The only thing he’s really sure of is that, at twenty-three years old, it’s time he found out what he’s really into. A hotel full of kinky gay men seems like the perfect place to find some answers. A little bit of alcoholic courage, and he’s ready to dive right into the deep end.

Gareth Vaughn isn’t the kind of man to second guess who he is or what he wants. He’s gay. He’s a dom. He’s at the hotel looking for a weekend of no strings fun with a willing sub. But, he’s not the kind of man who’ll leave a boy who’s drunk and out of his depth to sink or swim among strangers.

Gareth and Billy couldn’t be more different, but they’re both at the hotel seeking something—and they’re both about to get a whole lot more than they expected.

3 thoughts on “Seeking Something (Sun, Sea, and Submission #6) by Kim Dare (5 Stars)

  1. Hey! it’s been a while, ha? I’m swamped with moving out, studying and trying to deal with all the other boring details of life – sadly without even having time to read 😦 well, I’m here now! not sure when I’ll re-appear 😉
    This isn’t my usual “thing”, I’m not that much into BDSM though I guess you already know I read some in the past and liked a few of them. I gotta say it sounds interesting but I’m not sure it would be “it” for me. Not to it’s the 6th in the series which is ALL ABOUT submission if I”m understanding it correctly..

    • That’s an awful lot of stressful stuff to deal with! Hope you get to relax soon. I love this author and series. She always focuses on the characters and their emotions during their activies.

      • I think to properly understand BDSM you HAVE to understand emotionally what makes the characters “tick” or it’s just about the sex..
        I’m still in a stressful time. Have another month like that and it’s OVER! can’t wait to be on that specific moment when it’s all behind me.

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