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Rated: XXXmas by Lisa Henry, J.A. Rock, E.F. Mulder (3 Stars)

Fall On Your Knees by Lisa Henry & J.A. Rock

What happens to a couple when playing with a third person starts to mean more to both of them?

The story was mostly very kinky sex with lots of pain involved. Asa and Javier have been in a long-term committed relationship. They are both Doms, and they regularly bring a third person, a sub, into their night of fun. Asa has been crushing on Drew, his coworker, for the last six months and wants to invite him to play. You can already see the potential for some serious issues with the relationship happening. Fortunately, that aspect was not a major focus and limited the angst of the story.

My biggest issue with the plot was that it tried to be more than just a kinky story, but it wasn’t able to sell me on the new relationship. Drew really didn’t know Javier or Asa very well, and even though they all acknowledged that fact, it still didn’t feel right. There weren’t enough conversations for it to be believable, leading me not to buy into the relationship progression. The BDSM aspects included bondage, a molasses enema, and using a pinwheel, cane and wooden spoon to inflict pain.

This writing team is excellent, and if these elements work for you, then this should definitely be an enjoyable story.

Shepherd, Wise Man, and the Little Drummer Boy by E.F. Mulder

Shep, Rusty, and C.J. are about to make some decisions that will change their lives. They’ve all lived through some tough times, but together they can face all of their challenges and make a better life for themselves.

The characters all seemed like nice guys, and I thought they got along great. C.J. captured my heart with his cheerful and optimistic view on life even though he was in the midst of fighting cancer and learning to live without a few of his limbs. I would have liked to have gotten to know the characters better through dialogue instead of being told what was happening.

There were also too many other characters in the story. They added very little value but took away from the main relationship. I never developed strong feelings for Shep or Rusty and had a hard time understanding why they all fell in love with each other. I also really struggled with the sex scenes. Part of it related to the descriptions which didn’t feel sexy. The other part was the result of the missing emotional connection.

In the end, these three seemed happy together, and it certainly seem believable that they would find some way to make it work. Allowing themselves to rely on each other opened the door to love.


Originally reviewed for The Romance Reviews. Complimentary copy provided by author/publisher for an honest review.
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The Price (Las Vegas Escorts#1) by Andrew Grey (5 Stars)

A beautiful and engaging romance built on love and respect.

Grant is a school teacher, and he’s working over the summer to pay off his sister’s debt. Between working and helping to take care of his Dad, he doesn’t have much of a personal life. When a blind date goes bad, Hunter comes to his rescue. Hunter Wolfe is a highly paid escort who provides a variety of personal services, including sex. Hunter and Grant have a few things in common including having a rough childhood and helping each other out at the high school they attended together. Hunter takes Grant out to dinner to thank him for his past help, but both of them are surprised at the connection they feel for one another. The biggest question is if the two of them can make it work with Hunter’s career.

Hunter is extremely handsome and sexy, and he knows it. While this arrogance might normally be annoying, in this case it was adorable because he uses his good looks and charm to help other people. He takes his role as an escort very seriously, and when he’s with a client, he gives them his undivided focus. Anybody who has ever been on the receiving end of that kind of attention knows what a wonderful feeling it can be. He always works hard to give his clients an experience they won’t forget, which has made him extremely popular and wealthy. Grant is a sweet person who does a wonderful job teaching students. He tries hard to find the best way to make each student excited about learning, and he’s successful at it.

I really enjoyed watching these two get to know each other. I loved Hunter and Grant, and I really wanted them to find the happiness that they deserved. I adored how Grant was so determined to take care of Hunter knowing that Hunter always took care of everybody else. I also enjoyed the time they spent in the bedroom. Their feelings for each other came through in every action, making it even sexier. Doses of realism kept me wondering how they would resolve the biggest issue they needed to deal with – convincing Hunter he deserved love and happiness. Interactions with friends and family helped us understand the characters better. It also created some excitement for what I can only hope will be the next book in the series. I read this book in one sitting and loved every minute of it.

This touching romance was such an enjoyable reading experience with unique and richly developed characters.


Originally reviewed for The Romance Reviews. Complimentary copy provided by author/publisher for an honest review.
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Closing the Loop by Jane Davitt (4 Stars)

A romance develops between Lee and Cole on a cruise ship under interesting circumstances. Once the cruise is over, they need to decide if the relationship can survive.

I enjoyed this story and really liked both of the characters. The mystery of Cole’s friend on the cruise was just a minor part of the plot, but served as a backdrop for some of Cole’s behavior. Since Lee just went through a break-up, he’s sensitive and tends to take Cole’s actions personally. Their dialogue and interactions were presented in a realistic light. It wasn’t all sweet talk and roses. There was also some very minor kink in the steamy hot sex scenes.  I liked how the author continued the story after they left the cruise and entered the real world. You usually see somebody at their best on a vacation, and it was nice to see their relationship strengthen in a more realistic setting.

It felt like the author had a longer story to tell, but wanted to keep it short. Many of the chapters ended in the middle of a scene. We were always updated on the results through the next chapter, and I never felt lost. It was just an interesting writing style that took a bit of time to get used to reading. I liked it since it kept the story focused and kept it from feeling repetitive.

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Blue Mountain (Pack #1) by Cardeno C. (5 Stars)

True love is always worth the wait.

I absolutely loved Mitch and Simon. Simon was such a sweet guy, but he had such a heart-breaking existence before Mitch found him. The author did a great job keeping this relatively angst-free while still giving you a good understanding of Simon’s sad and lonely life. Mitch was an extremely gruff alpha, to the point that most of the pack was wary of him. However, when it came to the mate he thought he would never find, he’s as tender and patient as they get. It was unbelievably romantic watching Mitch court Simon. Of course, once they finally make the full connection with each other, there is plenty of steamy sex.

I loved the pack setting, and really enjoyed Mitch’s brother, Freddy, who added some interesting dynamics to the story.

One of my favorite authors writing one of my favorite genres!

Originally reviewed for Swept Away By Romance. Complimentary copy provided by author/publisher for an honest review.
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